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Candidate Financial Disclosure

Campaign Contribution and Disclosure Filings.
When to File: You will be notified by mail of filing deadlines. Financial disclosure forms do not apply to those positions that are part-time or the compensation is less than 100 dollars per month or as long as the candidate does not spend more than 500 dollars on his or her campaign.
Where to File: The County Election Commission Office.

First Reporting Period: Starts on the day you file your petition or the first day you spend or receive any money and continues through the tenth day before the election. This form must be filed seven (7) days before the election.

Second Reporting Period: Starts from the tenth (10) day before the election to forty-fifth (45) day after the election and must be filed by the forty-eighth (48) day after the election.

In the case of primary elections, the reporting periods are the same as above and the primary account must be closed out and a new general account started. No primary funds may be combined with general election funds. Primary funds may be transferred to the general account and documented on the financial disclosure form.

If you spend $1000.00 or less: Complete items 1 through 10 checking 9A. Have signatures notarized.

If you spend over $1000.00: Use long disclosure form. Have signatures notarized.

View Official List of Financial Disclosures Here